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What is included?

  • Immediate Access to information about (1) applying for the exam (2) what to expect on test day and (3) an overview of the exam

  • 4 group calls to answer YOUR questions about exam content and studying

  • Before each group call, access to information about the four sections of the exam including study tips, resources, and “sample questions” to help you decide where you need to focus your studying time.

  • Access to a number of additional questions to assist in your studying process released after our last group session.

  • The opportunity to connect with one another to create ongoing study sessions, if the participant chooses.


The 2021 price for each of the study groups is $99.



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Additional Resources

The Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) oversees the licensing for Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs) including the exam.

Check out their website for your application.

CASP Workshops

The CASP LEP Specialist often hosts a workshop at the CASP Fall Convention and Spring Institute on this topic as well. Check to see if this will be an offering at the upcoming events: www.casponline.org/events

CASP also hosts a webinar about this topic:  https://casponline.org/webinars-index/