This newsletter covers the following:

  • New Online Courses
  • Monthly LEP Q & A call
  • Website information

New Online Classes

Welcome back to another school year. Over the summer, Kristin and Jenny created some mini-courses to help LEPs take a deeper look into some of the aspect of running a business.

The first course provides 11 Business Forms that you can use with your LEP business. The forms cover assessment, intervention as well as consultation. Check out the forms by clicking HERE.

The second course takes a deep dive into Marketing. How do you market yourself as an LEP? The course covers four areas: current business functioning, identification of your target clientele, creating goals and strategic planning. Click HERE to find out more about this course.

Our third mini-course takes a deep dive into Business Logistics and covers all the decisions that you need to make BEFORE you accept your first client. Click HERE to find out more about this course.

Monthly LEP Q & A call

Monthly LEP Q&A Call. Each month beginning in June 2019, Kristin and Jenny host a monthly Q&A session for all questions LEP-related. For 60-minutes, participants can ask questions over Zoom and we will answer them. If you cannot make the call, no worries. You can ask your questions ahead of time and we will answer them during the call. All calls will be recorded so that replays can be listened to at any time. The cost to participate is $40 for the year. Are you interested? Check out more information by clicking HERE.

Website Information

Are you looking to create a website? Many people have commented very positively about our websites, which were all created by the same person – Rita Suzanne. You can check them out by clicking below.

Rita continues to provide website design services and more information about her offerings can be found by clicking HERE.

This newsletter is intended for those aspiring to become Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs) and those on the LEP journey. We want to provide you with knowledge, resources and opportunities.

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Thank you! Jenny Ponzuric, LEP #2779 and Kristin Makena, LEP #3575