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  • Perfect class for the new LEP!

  • Content stretches from scope of practice to legal/ethical issues faced in the field.

  • A 30-minute consultation call is also included.

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If you are interested in looking at information, one focused topic at a time, take a look at these “Deep Dive” courses.

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Are you interested in generating more income for your LEP business?

Are you in need of marketing strategies and ideas?

This course explores:

  • a deep look at your business practices,

  • the creation of goals

  • social media options

  • and more!


  • Are you interested in a selection of start-up forms for your LEP practice?

  • We provide you with the sample forms for your assessment, consultation, and /or intervention clients.

  • Adapt them to address your unique business needs.



Interested in creating an online course?  

We give you step-by-step instructions along with resources.




  • You passed the exam and want to take on your first client.

  • WAIT – take this course first to make sure you are not skipping any steps!

  • We discuss documents, insurance, equipment, and more!




  • What can you do as an LEP?

  • This course explores all of the ways LEP’s can expand their business within their scope of practice.



  • Are you interested in setting up a home-based business?  

  • Then you need a quick crash course on the basics and steps to setting up a home-based business.




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