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Jenny Ponzuric, LEP #2779 and Kristin Makena, LEP #3575

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Networking with other LEPs: In-Person Networking and Planning Event – Create your Blueprint!

We are excited to announce the dates of our June Blueprint – June 22nd-23rd. We will meet in San Diego – all details will be announced after the beginning of the 2019 year. Mark your calendars now.

In June 2018, we held our inaugural Blueprint Event. Our first attendees had the opportunity to determine and focus on the purpose and vision for their LEP business. Goals and action steps were determined by LEPs who are embarking on this journey full time as well as those creating a “side hustle.” We thank Kelly J. Mobeck for facilitating our event.

For those who are unable to make the June 2019 event in San Diego, let us know what time of the year works best for you and give us some other idea locations. Fill out the form HERE

Your Feedback Requested

We are always looking for ways to support the LEPs in California. Let us know a bit more about who you are and what you are looking for help and support with. Complete this quick 5-question survey and enter to win a $25 gift card to Amazon .All surveys must be completed before November 30th to be entered into the drawing. Click HERE to take the survey.

Are you an Aspiring LEP?

Do you have questions about how to apply for the exam? Do you know what to study? Do you need study tips? Click HERE for more information.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

If you have any confusion about the CEU requirements for LEPs, take a look at website page about this by clicking HERE.

Remember that most paid workshops at CASP provide your needed CEUs!

New Online Course Coming Soon!

We are working on our second online course to assist LEPs. Until then, if you haven’t already checked it out, our first online course available for LEPs is entitled “LEP…Now What?” and is intended to help those LEPs who have their license but are not sure what to do to start or improve their business. The content stretches from scope of practice to legal/ethical issues faced in the field. This self-paced course also includes a free 30-minute phone call with either Jenny or Kristin. For more information about this course, click HERE.

See you at CASP!

Both Jenny and Kristin will be presenting at CASP this year. Jenny will be facilitating a panel discussion on Thursday afternoon on PSW: Lessons Learned and Kristin will be co-leading a mini skills workshop on low incidence disabilities on Friday afternoon and a mindfulness retreat on Saturday. The first two are free, so come on by and say HI!