Need some marketing help?

Getting your name out there can be daunting for some LEPs.  You are not sure how to market on social media.  You are unsure of who to cold call.  Do you send emails or physical letters?

These are all great questions.  Which is why we created a Deep Dive online course all about Marketing.  Need some quick tips now?

  • Check out local private OTs and SLPs in your area on Linkedin.  Make a connection and suggest a virtual coffee chat to get to know one another’s businesses and ideal clients.
  • Have you tried Alignable yet?  This website can connect you with lots of local businesses.  While some connections may be therapists, perhaps connecting with a local daycare or even a dry cleaner could help you get your name out.  You never know who needs a great LEP.
  • Hashtag research.  Not sure which hashtags to use for IG?  Brainstorm all the hashtags you think your ideal client might be following.  Follow some of them and see who is hanging out where.
Always remember that the best way to market is to be authentic.
Need more marketing tips? Check out our Deep Dive into Marketing online course. LINK:
Blueprint Summer 2021 Registration is Almost Open
We are just days away from registration opening for our summer 2021 Blueprint.  We will help you with the “why,” “how” and “what” for your ideal practice.  This is a perfect event for new LEPs as well as those who are close to their exam date.
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