What is a CSZ and how will that help you as an LEP?

At our Blueprint half-day virtual event last month, we got to talk to our LEPs about Comfort Zone Stretches (CSZ).

Being an LEP, for many, has multiple aspects that can be outside of the comfort and security of our comfort zone.  This can stop LEPs from moving forward in creating their ideal private practice.

So, each of the participants in Blueprint took on the challenge of choosing something to do that is outside of their comfort zone each week for the next 10 weeks.  Want to join them?

We challenge you to do things that s-t-r-e-t-c-h you outside your comfort zone.  Ideas include:

  • Scheduling your LEP exam
  • Writing that “about me” section for your website
  • Networking in your area
  • Offering to provide a free training for families at a local community center

How does this help you as an LEP?  Glad you asked.  There are aspects involved in building the private practice of your dreams that can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar.  It is great practicing doing uncomfortable things. Need more help?  Have more questions? Join our monthly Q&A calls and ask away!

LINK: https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/44577/about

Mark your Calendars!

Our summer 2021 Blueprint Event is coming soon.  Registration will open in early May so mark your calendars and watch your email!

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