Networking with other LEPs

Are you interested in connecting with other LEPs, sharing ideas and brainstorming?

Need some help with marketing ideas or have questions about which assessment tools to purchase? Do you want help moving forward and accomplishing the next step in your business plan?

Join Kristin Makena and Jenny Ponzuric, creators of the Empower LEP, in a virtual group meeting where LEPs can network with one another. Each participant will set their intentions for the goals for the three-month group and work together to meet those goals.


  • Calls will be alternate Thursdays from October 11th through December 20th.
  • Calls will start at 4:30 and run 60-90 minutes in length, dependent upon the number of LEPs who join the group.
  • The group will meet online via Zoom. Join us from any device (computer, laptop, tablet or phone).
  • The cost of the group is $300 for 6 calls over the 3-month period.

Two calls will include special guest Kelly J Mobeck, Certified Professional Coach, to help guide our conversations.

In recent years, LEPs have been missing a place to connect, share, and network with other LEPs.

Being an LEP can sometimes be isolating, so Empower LEP is creating ways for educational psychologists to come together. This event was created to provide networking and planning opportunities for LEPs just starting their business or LEPs looking for ways to grow their business and connect with other LEP’s.

Each call will include individual check-ins and time for questions for each attendee. The hope is to share ideas, create goals for your business, and connect with other professionals in the field. We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity.