Meet Ups for LEPs


Meet the minds behind this website and let’s build some community!

Due to physical distancing, we are “pausing” our meet-ups. 

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We have found great value in individual and small-group conversations.  In order to broaden this work, we host LEP dinner discussions across the state.   Each month, Jenny or Kristin (sometimes both) host a small group of people in a local restaurant near you to engage in various questions about business start-up, how to market your business, or other LEP-related questions.

How this works:

  • We will provide you the date, time, and city of the meet-up.
  • If you are interested, register for the event.
  • The cost to register does NOT include your dinner or beverages, that will be up to you.
  • About one week before the date of the meet-up, we will provide you with the exact restaurant name.  In order to keep this event private, that information will only be provided to those that sign up.
  • Brainstorm various questions you may have and be ready to enjoy an engaging and informative evening!