2019 Blueprint Events

The time is quickly approaching for our 2019 Blueprint events. The Blueprint events provide an avenue for LEPs to determine their vision for their private practice. After attending our Blueprint Event, attendees have found inspiration for jumpstarting their business coupled with a plan of action to give them direction. The Blueprint event will assist you in:

  • examining and clarifying the purpose of your business
  • determining barriers to success
  • pushing beyond your comfort zone
  • creating self-care opportunities
  • SMART action planning
  • declaring your commitment to the process
  • building and collaborating with the LEP community

We are providing three options to join our Summer 2019 Blueprint Events (San Diego, Sacramento, On-line). For additional information click HERE.

All participants will have free access to the LEP…Now What? online course. For additional information click HERE.

In order to provide great benefits to LEPs we have partnered with PAR, MHS, and HMH to provide discounts for all attendees of the 2019 Blueprint events. Information about how to utilize these discounts can be found after attendance at this year’s Blueprint event. For additional information click HERE.