It is great to be an LEP!

This newsletter will provide you with information about:

  • CEU update for the LEP
  • 2019 Blueprint Dates
  • LEP…Now What? Online Course
  • Empower LEP live
  • Resources for LEPs – the LEP Directory

CEU update for the LEP

Did you know that there was an additional CEU requirement for all LEPs? All LEPs need to complete a one-time course on Suicide Prevention before March 14, 2021. CASP is offering this required course at the Spring Institute in San Mateo on Thursday, March 14th. Check out information about the CASP Spring Institute by clicking HERE.

If you have any confusion about the CEU requirements for LEPs, take a look at our website page about this by clicking HERE.

Remember that most paid workshops at CASP provide your other needed CEUs!

Blueprint Events – New Dates!

Jenny and Kristin are hosting once again an opportunity for LEPs to create a blueprint for their businesses. Whether you want to expand your part-time or full-time practice, join us in clarifying the purpose or your practice and creating a vision of how you will help support students outside of the public school employment setting.

Learn more about this opportunity by clicking HERE.

We are providing you with three options to join our Summer 2019 Blueprint Events:

  • June 22-23 in San Diego, CA
  • June 29-30 in Sacramento, CA
  • 6-week online program, which provides a hybrid of on-line trainings coupled with live calls to assist you create your business

We look forward in having you join us for this exciting event.

LEP…Now What:

Kristin and Jenny created the LEP…Now What? online course to share their knowledge with other LEPs who are starting out their business. Whether you are hoping to complete one IEE assessment this year or begin transitioning to building a full-time business, there are legal requirements to start up your business and forms you will need to create. In addition to obtaining your LEP license, there are other requirements and logistics to be thinking about. Find out about all of this plus more in our online course by clicking HERE.

For those contemplating attending the Blueprint event, access to all of the LEP…Now What? content is included at no additional cost for all Blueprint attendees.

Empower LEP Live:

Empower LEP recently partnered with the San Diego affiliate SANDCASP for a full day of trainings. The day was geared towards supporting school psychologists who are preparing for the LEP exam moving into how to start their own LEP practice. an Additional evening event consisted of a small networking group dinner with discussion about how practices are driven by individual passions and goals. It was an exciting day with inspirational people. If you are interested in your own Empower LEP live event, please contact us for more information by clicking HERE.

Resources for LEPs – the LEP Directory

CASP provides an LEP Directory to help potential employers find you. The cost to be listed in the directory for one year is $25 for CASP Members and $50 for non-members. Visit to sign up and see the directory. The deadline to sign up is March 11, 2019.