This newsletter covers the following:

  • Scope of Practice Mini-Course
  • LEP Study Group
  • LEP Q&A

Scope of Practice Mini-Course:

We are excited to share with you that another online mini-course is now available.  Many LEPs are interested in providing services beyond assessment and IEEs.  The Scope of Practice course allows you to examine a number of possibilities but keeping within the legal and ethical guidelines of our license.  Click HERE to see all of the online courses that are available to you.

LEP Study Group:

If you are interested in participating in an online group to help you study for the exam, check out the LEP Study Group.  We meet as a group twice a month and review mock questions to help prepare for the exam that cover the 6 areas of the exam.  Each call also allows for Q&A time as well.  There is a nominal fee each month that you participate.  Click HERE to check this out.

What did we discuss in the last LEP Q&A:

Each month Kristin and Jenny answer questions from LEPs.  In November we discussed more business logistics.  We want to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to open up a legal, ethical and profitable business that provides value to your clients.  If you are interested in joining our monthly Q&A Call, click HERE.  All calls are recorded so you can listen to the replay at your convenience.

This newsletter is intended for those aspiring to become Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs) and those on the LEP journey. We want to provide you with knowledge, resources and opportunities.

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Thank you! Jenny Ponzuric, LEP #2779 and Kristin Makena, LEP #3575