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Assisting Families with College Disability Services and Accommodations

Monthly Q&A
Did you know that Kristin and Jenny are available once a month to talk about YOUR questions about becoming or being an LEP?  Yep, the third Thursday of every month is set aside to answer your questions.  For only $40, you can come live onto these calls or listen to our replays.  That $40 is good for the entire year.  Yep, just one payment of $40 and you get access to 12 monthly calls!
We would love for you to join us!

Need to take your LEP exam?
If you are ready to take your LEP exam, make sure a testing center near you is open.  Testing centers are opening and closing based on the COVID situation in the area.  Even if you are not ready to take the exam until the end of August or early October, you may want to go onto the site now and see when the next appointment is available.

Resource Highlight
Are you looking to read a book to help you move forward in your LEP practice?  We have our list of favorite books on our website that range from motivation to mindset to figuring out how much to charge.  Check them out!

Assisting Families with College Disability Services and Accommodations
If you help families with college accommodations, you need to make sure you are up-to-date with any changes.  Did you know that LDA is hosting 2 free webinars on this topic?  Click the button to find out more and to register.

This newsletter is intended for those aspiring to become Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs) and those on the LEP journey.  We want to provide you with knowledge, resources and opportunities. Do you know anyone who might appreciate this newsletter?  Please forward the newsletter to a colleague or two!

Thank you!  Jenny Ponzuric, LEP #2779 and Kristin Makena, LEP #3575