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Blueprint Events – Obtain discounts from publishing companies!

In order to provide great benefits to LEPs, we have partnered with PAR, MHS, and HMH to provide discounts for all attendees of the 2019 Blueprint events. Information about how to utilize these discounts can be found after attendance at this year’s blueprint event.

What is the Blueprint event? It is an opportunity for LEPs to spend time focusing on the WHY and HOW of their LEP business. We have three options this year for LEPs who want to attend:

  • San Diego (2 Day June live event)
  • Sacramento (2 Day June live event)
  • On-line 6 week sessions (July – August)

Also, for anyone who signs up for the Blueprint event, they will receive the content from the LEP…Now What? online course, which is made immediately available, at no additional cost ($99 Value).

To learn more about these amazing opportunities access the website by clicking HERE.

LEP…Now What?

Kristin and Jenny created the LEP…Now What? online course to share their knowledge with other LEPs who are starting out their business. Whether you are hoping to complete one IEE assessment this year or begin transitioning to building a full-time business, there are legal requirements to start up your business and forms you will need to create. In addition to obtaining your LEP license, there are other requirements and logistics to be thinking about. Find out about all of this plus more in our online course by clicking HERE.

For those contemplating attending the Blueprint event, access to all of the LEP…Now What? content is included at no additional cost for all Blueprint attendees.

Previous Newsletters

If you recently signed up for the Empower LEP newsletter and are interested in reading previous editions, check out our newest page on our website by clicking HERE.

CEU Opportunities

If you are looking to complete your CEU requirements, here are some options:

  • Click HERE to read about the Rehab Seminars in San Diego.
  • Online courses on the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model for SLD Identification can be found HERE.
  • Mark your calendars for the CASP Fall Convention October 24-27 in Long Beach.